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  • Looking at the match and tactical misplays by United and ability for Arsenal to finish its chances played the crucial role in Arsenal’s win. The key tactical aspect and its execution that changed and practically won the game for Arsenal was High Pressure in the Attacking and Middle Thirds at the beginning of the game.

    As Wenger said in post-game interview, Arsenal tried to pressure very high and start the game on the very high speed – which worked very well for them in the opening 25 minutes of the game. During that initial period of the match, Arsenal possessed the ball 63.4% of the time and did not allow any shots on Cech’s goal.

    This is one of the components Arsenal tried to improve compared to last season.

    A few weeks ago, Jack Wilshere, was talking about how Arsenal works on this component at training sessions. “We work a lot on first 5 seconds to win it back after we lose the ball. We try to win the ball on the offensive half of the field as quickly as possible. In this case we get an opportunity to play penetration balls because skill of our individual players is very high. By getting the ball on the offensive half of the field, you will get the opportunity for a dangerous play most of the time.”

    This season, it is clearly an improvement in Arsenal’s game and it worked very well against United this past weekend. First goal is an ideal illustration to what Wilshere was saying – winning the ball in front of opponent’s goal, and Arsenal had enough players in that zone to create a scoring chance. 

    Transition from Defense to Attack is the natural progression from winning the ball quickly. Work on your players mentality to win the ball immediately after it was lost. The quicker the team wins the ball, the better offensive transition will be. It takes a lot of energy, team compactness and focus to force mistakes. Truly team effort is required!

    The more team practices these ‘transition’ situations, the more comfortable players will be and the more ‘aggressive’ mindset team will have.