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  • The Job Responsibilites of the Director of Coaching Posted by ClubSportal on February 23, 2016

    How do you define the job of a Director of Coaching?

    Almost every soccer club in the United States nowadays has a Director of Coaching.  NSCAA announced a new course for Directors of Coaching and a corresponding diploma/certificate to earn.  The Director of Coaching has become an important and well-respected position within a soccer organization.  But what does it involve?

    There is enough literature from US Youth Soccer, NSCAA and many other sources outlining the job responsibilities of a Director of Coaching.  Look at your Club and ask your leadership how your Director of Coaching stacks up

    The job description usually requires a strong background in coaching with the ability to define and implement a "development first" philosophy.  The Director is supposed to oversee all soccer-related activities of the Club, as well as define, develop, and improve  the Club’s player development vision.

    The Director is also supposed to oversee and monitor the development of all athletes in the Club and is responsible for player development of every individual player on all levels.   The Director should serve as an ambassador for the Club within soccer communities.

    The Director should be responsible for consistent and continuing training and implementing the player development model developed by the Club.  The Director should also ensure that the soccer experience is delivered properly across all teams and age groups.

    There are many other responsibilities of the DOC.  But how should the DOC accomplish all of the tasks?  With so many teams, competitions, training sessions and number of players in the club, the responsibilities can become overwhelming?

    ClubSportal ( is the software for Technical Directors, Directors of Coaching and Directors of Education to simplify their lives and help to ensure all of the above is achieved and followed. ClubSportal includes tools to assemble, reuse, share and improve your Club's Player Development Curriculum and to monitor its implementation for all teams.

    The ClubSportal system also allows you to monitor  player performance, assess your coaching staff and be on top of all the training in the Club!

    ClubSportal won't replace a Director of Coaching, but ClubSportal will provide your DOC with the tools he or she needs to succeed!