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  • Stiker Specific Training - Analysis of Success 

    Striker Specific Training - Analysis of Success 

    Robert Lewandowski used the full arsenal of striker techniques to score five goals in nine minutes. Read our brief analysis of the techniques used and subscribe to see our full training programs that focus on these particular techniques. 

    Goal 1 

    Create a proper angle of support; hold your run; receive the ball across the body, realizing the position of the goalkeeper and finish with accuracy with the left foot.  One-Touch Finish. 

    Goal 2 

    Let the ball past the body and adjust the body position for a shot from distance.

    Focus on the ball when striking it, now with the right foot. Ability to execute perfect technique, keeping the ball on the ground.  Two-Touch Finish.

    Goal 3

    Make a supporting run; stay onside to beat an offside line; excellent coordination and follow up with second and third attempts to strike the ball with both feet. Three-Touch Finish. 

    Goal 4

    Recognize and find an open space in the penalty box; 'lose' a defender; technique of a side-volley, striking on top of the ball with accuracy and power.  One-Touch Finish. 

    Goal 5

    Recognize space; 'lose' a defender in the box; excellent coordination and finishing with volley. 


    Three of five goals scored with one touch.  Four of five goals scored from the cross. 

    In all goals scored, the key components of Lewandowski’s success are timing, a minimum number of touches, body shape and game awareness.

    Statistics show that over 80% of goals are scored with two touches or less.  The ability to adjust body position and create that 'perfect' opportunity with just 1-2 touches is a key to a striker's success. For forwards in the penalty box - the 'first touch' is often their 'last touch.'

    Coaches should teach strikers to prepare their 'brains' first, which will prepare the 'body shape' for a one-touch chance to score.  Constantly reminding players to do this will help train the brain and create the instinct to change movement in the penalty box.  This will create scoring opportunities. As seen in the videos above, Lewandowski uses different turns, he holds his runs to receive the ball, and he sometimes moves away from the ball so he can finish the first touch.