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  • In past articles, we have looked at the importance of, and frequent deficiencies with, player evaluations in youth soccer (“Player Evaluations: A Weakness of U.S. Youth Soccer” and “How to Provide a Proper Player Evaluation”).  These articles address the need for a player’s coach to take the time to provide a thorough player evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, with an eye toward boosting player development and maximizing potential.  But what happens when that just isn’t available?  What can a player do to get feedback when a coach simply doesn’t have the time or inclination to provide a proper player evaluation?

    In order to conduct a proper player evaluation, a coach or expert needs to see the player in action.  Typically this is done in person, but video can work as well.  The advantage of video is that an expert or coach can watch the video at his convenience from anywhere on the planet.  In fact, video makes it possible for a player to choose the expert he wants to conduct the evaluation and provide the feedback.  All the player needs to do is record himself in action and then send that video to the expert for an evaluation of his performance and skills.

    The second part of the equation is that the expert needs video analysis tools to provide a proper assessment.  Tools that allow the expert to mark certain points in the video and to provide written or audio annotation are critical, so that the player understands and sees exactly what the expert is evaluating.  While many video analysis tools exist, only one allows a player to select experts from around the world to conduct the evaluation of recorded video.

    The recently launched software, Athlete Rocket, allows a player to record himself using any mobile device and then submit that video to one or more experts from around the world.  Using sophisticated video analysis tools, the experts can critique the player’s performance and return a detailed player evaluation outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the player’s game.

    Using Athlete Rocket, a player no longer needs to rely on his coach, who frequently doesn’t have the time, for a proper player evaluation.  Instead, a player can get the feedback he needs from a marketplace of experts who have the time and experience necessary to make a difference a player’s game!