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  • Player Evaluations: A Weakness of U.S. Youth Soccer Posted by ClubSportal on February 15, 2016

    Soccer players and their parents spend so much money on training and running drills, going to training sessions, and an excessive amount of games.  In this model, players do develop, and of course it provides the excitement that kids love. But what are we missing?

    In European soccer academies, players attend mandatory weekly video-review sessions with their coaches. There, players watch themselves in the video to see how they played, and coaches explain what they could have done better.

    This type of evaluation system does not exist in youth soccer in the United States, and player development is stunted because of it.  One of the most critical components of soccer is decision making.  Without critical evaluation, including looking at oneself in the mirror, players make the same mistakes over and over again and never learn how they can improve. Of course, implementing a consistent system of evaluation is easier said and done. 

    Currently, in the United States, the best players can hope for is an end-of-season evaluation or one-on-one chat with the coach that focuses on what the player can do better the following season.  This is hardly the most efficient way to get things done, and it certainly doesn’t maximize the effectiveness of the evaluation.  One of the biggest problems American soccer clubs face is that their coaches don’t always have the time necessary to provide individual attention to every player on a team.  They need tools that make their jobs easier.

    ClubSportal is a unique platform that makes the player evaluation process easy and powerful.  It provides users with a very quick, but effective, way to record and review videos, and it gives coaches the ability to easily provide comprehensive multimedia evaluations on an ongoing basis.  With these tools, players can get the critical feedback they need to develop to their maximum potential.

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