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  • Performance Measurement - Building a Long-Term Record Posted by ClubSportal on August 19, 2016

    Every sports season, uncounted numbers of youth athletes receive their player evaluations.  These evaluations provide an excellent opportunity for coaches to convey to athletes what they are doing well and where they need to improve . . . at that moment in time.  The reality is that player evaluations are really a snapshot of how a player is doing over a very short period of time – a game, a few games, or at most a season.  How does a player measure his or her performance over a longer period of time?

    Youth player development isn’t completed in a season or a year or even a couple of years.  Youth development begins the first time the player steps on the field or court or picks up a ball or a racquet.  That development continues through to adulthood.  It is important, therefore, that a player’s performance progress is monitored and measured over the entire course of that development.  Ideally, there is a record of every evaluation from every coach over the player’s entire playing career.  Additionally, there should be a record of every exercise and every drill that has been assigned to the player for improvement.  By tracking where a player was, by looking at a player evaluation from two years ago, and where the player is now, performance progress and player development can be measured.

    Building a long-term record of player evaluations and assessments is not a simple task.  All too often, evaluations are done with pen and paper, and these hard copy evaluations are quickly lost.  Even evaluations done electronically and emailed to players may be difficult to find in ever-expanding inboxes.  A central repository of player evaluations is necessary to easily build a record and quickly measure player development.

    ClubSportal’s player evaluation module does more than simply provide the ability for coaches to quickly and easily create evaluations for every player on his or her roster.  ClubSportal also contains a repository of evaluations for every player, and each player can store all of his or her evaluations from every season of every sport.  There players can quickly access any evaluation and share with any coach so that player development can be monitored and performance measured.  The repository also contains all of the multimedia associated with the evaluations, such as diagrams of drills or activities, articles on proper techniques or videos of the right and wrong way of doing things.  Being able to access these items allows players to continually work on weaknesses and demonstrate improvement with specific skills or techniques.

    By building a long-term record of player evaluations, player development can be tracked and performance measured over a long period of time.  This allows long-term goals to be set and work to be focused on achieving those goals.