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  • ClubSportal is a powerful player development platform with several key modules that will make your club or team more efficient in its development of players and its administration.  One of the many benefits of ClubSportal is that the modules work together and allow users to build a database that can be used and reused over and over.

    One of ClubSportal’s key features is the curriculum builder, which allows multimedia materials to be uploaded and created in the Playbook, where they can be assembled into activities, practice plans, season plans and curriculums.  Coaches looking to build a plan can create their own, or they can quickly search the organization’s Playbook for materials that have already been uploaded and created.  Materials can be easily copied and reused, so that organizations can retain institutional knowledge and avoid recreating the wheel.  Once a plan is created, it can easily be shared with other users.

    The Playbook’s wealth of resources can also be leveraged for player evaluations.  Whether your club or team relies solely on the preloaded multimedia materials or you have created or uploaded your own materials, you have at your fingertips a library of training materials.  While some of the materials are suitable for groups of players training together, many of the materials are meant for individuals.   With a click of the mouse, these materials can be appended to player evaluations, giving players a detailed roadmap for improvement.  Coaches looking to vastly improve the quality of evaluations can do so quickly and easily.

    ClubSportal provides your team or club a powerful way to retain institutional knowledge and to leverage the time and efforts of every member of the organization.  Use and reuse the Playbook content for all aspects of player development!