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  • ClubSportal Announces Partnership with D.C. United Posted by ClubSportal on September 14, 2015

    Vienna, VA – ClubSportal, the provider of innovative technology for promoting player development in youth athletics, announced today that it has partnered with D.C. United to bring its player development platform to the Major League Soccer team’s Pre-Academy and Development Academy programs.

    ClubSportal’s powerful software allows clubs to implement and monitor their training models and to create curriculums that promote those models, thereby ensuring consistency and continuity of training throughout the entire developmental continuum.  For D.C. United the platform is especially beneficial, as the club continuously develops players throughout the entire player development pyramid.  "We are excited to implement the ClubSportal software as part of our Academy and Pre-Academy programs," said Nolan Sheldon, D.C. United Academy Director.  "The platform will provide us with the ability to implement our youth development model, monitor player performance, and ensure consistency and continuity of training throughout our programs, as we work to develop our youth players into tomorrow's D.C. United First Team squad."

    For ClubSportal, D.C. United’s decision to adopt the software marked a major milestone in the company’s short history.  “This partnership is a significant accomplishment for ClubSportal,” said CEO Yuri Bogdanov.  “To have the U.S. Soccer Development Academy of an MLS team recognize the benefits and value of our player development platform validates our beliefs about the paramount importance of consistent and continuous training throughout the player development pyramid.  The tools our platform provides will allow D.C. United’s staff to implement their curriculums and monitor player development more easily and more thoroughly than ever before.”

    D.C. United will begin implementing the software this Fall, and as a premier partner the club will be among the first to receive access to new platform features as they are rolled out over the next several months.  ClubSportal will also work with D.C. United officials and their networks in an effort to bring their player development platform to other MLS Development Academies.

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