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  • ClubSportal Announces Latest Feature-Packed Release Posted by ClubSportal on August 27, 2015

    Vienna, VA – ClubSportal the provider of innovative technology for promoting player development in youth athletics, announced today that it has released version 1.1 of its cutting-edge software and that new pricing plans are now available.

    After a highly successful initial release, which was marked by the acquisition of several key partners, the new software version contains several important enhancements toward encouraging consistency and continuity in player training. In addition to the core functionality of providing a platform for developing and implementing curriculums, season plans, practice plans and individual activities, the new version of ClubSportal’s software includes an upgraded Assessment/Evaluation module and a Messaging system with personal mailboxes for sharing and communicating among club members. The ability of members to develop a Club Training Model, share it, monitor its implementation and communicate among all members is at the heart of the ClubSportal system, as users are able to build on the knowledge and experience of each other. ClubSportal is the only platform that allows Clubs and Academies to build their own Development Models following the principles of top sports academies around the World. “We are excited about the improved functionality of the ClubSportal platform,” said Yuri Bogdanov, CEO of ClubSportal LLC. “We have no doubt that athletic clubs will quickly embrace the enhanced functionality, as it encourages the social network among club members and provides the tools for clubs to pursue greatness.”

    ClubSportal also announced new pricing models to fit the needs of its varied customer base. For those users looking simply for an easy-to-use team or club messaging and communication system, the ClubSportal platform will be available free of charge. Team plans with access to ClubSportal’s complete training playbook will be available from $9.99/month. Club plans will be priced based on the number of teams in the club. Of the new pricing model, Bogdanov said, “The software is now very attractively priced, and we hope to get the software to as many users as possible. The consistency and continuity of training provided by ClubSportal will promote the player development pyramid and club excellence and will help develop greatness in upcoming generations of youth athletes.”

    While ClubSportal Version 1.0 represents an advancement over the previous version, Bogdanov is clear that he intends to continue building out the platform to provide additional functionality for his clients. “There are several key components our clients would like to see integrated into this platform, including a registration module and a video analysis module,” Bogdanov said. “These are pieces we look forward to releasing in the coming months.”