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ClubSportal Features

Player development requires continuity through every stage of a youth player's career.

Curriculums, Season and Training Cycles and Plans

Easily create training materials from the top, down. Our powerful software includes everything you need to build complete curriculums, season plans, training plans and activities, including a state-of-the-art diagram creator. Existing content can be seamlessly integrated into your club’s training material.

Centralized Multimedia Library of Drills, Training Plans, Practices and Workouts


Your club’s members have unlimited access to a fully searchable centralized multimedia library of training content. New content can be easily tagged, categorized and added to the library for your club to use and reuse. You can also access cutting-edge content regularly added by our professionals.

Evaluations, Assessments and Performance Tracking Tools with Video!


Create customized evaluation and assessment forms to meet the specific needs of your club and your players. Quickly build templates for field players, goalies, coaches, tryout assessments, etc. Easily manage and share evaluations with club members.

Video Storage and Analysis

ClubSportal allows for Video storage and Analysis of Games and Highlights. Build the library of All your Videos from all Sports. Receive Assessents on Your Play!

Player Registrations, Club Management and Team Communications

ClubSportal’s registration platform uses state-of-the-art technology to allow you to accept credit card payments for all registrations. With our tools, your members’ financial data is secure, and payment is seamless.

Academy Tools for Coaches, Directors of Coaching and Managers

ClubSportal provides Coaches, Directors of Coaching and Players and all necessary tools to run the club and excel in Player Development <\p>

Club Training Network

Create in minutes a powerful social network among all club members. Share ideas and experiences to build a vibrant community and strengthen your club. Use drills for kids or teens - it is your choice.