Club Sportal

Club Sportal

Promote the Player Development Pyramid

Club Sportal is your Club's platform for creating and propagating your player development model, along with the curriculums necessary to ensure that appropriate training is offered at all stages of the development continuum.

While your Club's senior technical staff focuses on the big picture, Club Sportal provides coaches the ability to implement the Club's curriculums by creating their own activities, practices and season plans or by reusing shared ones that have already been created by other members of the Club. Throughout the process, technical directors can monitor and evaluate the progress of a coach, a team, an age group or the entire Club to ensure adherence to the player development pyramid.

Ensure Consistency & Continuity of Training

Player development is a continuum that demands continuity through every stage of a youth player's career.  Club Sportal allows the implementation, maintenance and monitoring of that continuity.

Once your coaches have created their season plans, the information about every practice and every activity of each team in your Club is recorded and retained.  This critical information will follow the team through every age group, allowing a Blueprint for Success to be transferred from one coach to another and from one team to another.

Implement Your Club's Own Social Network

Your Club's officials – coaches, technical directors, administrators, members - should never feel like they are working alone.   The institutional knowledge and the wealth of experience that exists within your Club should be leveraged for the benefit of all.

Club Sportal allows your Club's officials to connect, collaborate and share.  Coaches no longer have to start from scratch every time they want to build a new activity, practice, season or program.  A fully searchable database of all activities and plans, that belongs to your CLUB, along with one-click sharing, allows your coaches to learn from each other's experiences, successes and achievements. The ability to monitor the implementation of your Club's player development model provides the framework for technical staff to evaluate, mentor and train your Club's coaches.


Player development requires continuity through every stage of a youth player's career.

Advancing the Player Development Model


Club Sportal is a revolutionary platform that allows your Club to provide coaches with the tools they need to ensure player development. Working with a top-down approach, Club's can implement age and skill-level appropriate curriculums that are easily implemented by coaches. Best practices can be established and followed, providing a roadmap to your Club's success. A thorough, planned approach to teaching that is made easy!

Ensuring Consistency and Continuity of Player Development


Club Sportal provides the framework that allows your Club administrators and technical directors to ensure the consistency needed for success. Club Sportal allows senior technical staff to monitor implementation and execution of the Club's curriculum and player development model and to review a team's progress along the development continuum.

Coach And Player Evaluations


Create and maintain a history of coach and player evaluations. Provides coaches with measurement of each player's progression against club benchmarks. Provides Directors with Coaching Staff Assessments and Evaluations. Ensures Consistency of Assessment and Evaluation process.

Easy-to-Use Interface


Club Sportal's easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface will ensure that coaches utilize the platform for their planning purposes. This frees up technical directors and administrators to focus on the big picture, while allowing coaches to quickly and easily create the plans they need to adhere to the Club's curriculum.

Centralized Multimedia Library and State of the Art Diagram Creator


Club Sportal comes pre-loaded with a multimedia library of strategic and tactical activities. Coaches may opt to use these activities in building their practice and season plans. For coaches who desire more flexibility, a state of the art diagram creator is included in the software. This allows coaches to easily import and edit images or create new diagrams completely from scratch.

CREATE, REUSE and SHARE: Providing a Means for Collaboration


Club Sportal users have access to a fully searchable database of all activities, practices and season plans from all coaches in the Club. The database is easily searchable by a number of parameters, including age, topic, coach and keyword. One-click sharing allows coaches to collaborate with others and reuse previously created material.

Social Network

Club Sportal users have access to a social network that connects everything in your Club – Age Groups, Teams, Coaches and Training Content. This network provides for the free exchange of knowledge among Club members and the ability to share and collaborate. Utilizing this network, coaches can learn from one another's experiences, successes and achievements, and they can transfer BLUEPRINTS FOR SUCCESS from one coach to another and from one team to another.

Retention of All Activities, Practices and Season Plans

When a season is over, all information about every practice and every activity will follow a team through every age group, allowing each season to build on the one before it. The Club's curriculum and player development model continues uninterrupted, even when one coach leaves and a new coach joins a squad.

Customized and Targeted Advertising

Club Sportal provides the opportunity for your Club to generate revenue through customized advertising. Club's may sell sponsorships and advertisements to be placed within your Club's platform.