Club Sportal

Club Sportal


ClubSportal provided us with the capability to share practices among Head and Assistant Coaches. Now we come very well prepared for all our practices and get going right away. Excellent platform that improves our training!
Phillip Simon, McLean Youth Soccer

ClubSportal has been critical for development of our students. We record curriculums and reuse them, share them with parents and students. Now everyone is aware what we teach and what students need to work on at home.
Angel Matthews, Vienna Chess Club

ClubSportal is a great tool for coaches. It takes me less than 10 minutes to come up with a practice plan. All activities and practice plans from previous seasons are recorded and I just drag and drop what activities I need for a particular topic.
Alex Vidal, Quick Steps Soccer

ClubSportal is the tool to have if you are a Teacher or Coach! It keeps me so organized, all my data is right here in front of me. It also allows me to follow the Big Plan for the full Semester and perform my Students evaluations quickly and efficiently.
Rachel Morgan, PI Tutors


Player development requires continuity through every stage of a youth player's career.

Curriculums, Season and Training Plans

Easily create training materials from the top, down. Our powerful software includes everything you need to build complete curriculums, season plans, training plans and activities, including a state-of-the-art diagram creator. Existing content can be seamlessly integrated into your club’s training material.

Centralized Multimedia Library of Content


Your club’s members have unlimited access to a fully searchable centralized multimedia library of training content. New content can be easily tagged, categorized and added to the library for your club to use and reuse. You can also access cutting-edge content regularly added by our soccer professionals.

Evaluations and Assessments


Create customized evaluation and assessment forms to meet the specific needs of your club and your players. Quickly build templates for field players, goalies, coaches, tryout assessments, etc. Easily manage and share evaluations with club members.

Content Sharing


Fully customizable one-click sharing allows members to easily share content with other members. Share training plans and multimedia content among coaches. Share evaluations with players. Share individualized training plans with parents. You can share any club content with any club members you choose

Retain, Modify & Reuse


Once content is created it is automatically retained as part of the club’s library. All club content remains attached to the teams and players for whom it was created, year after year, age group to age group. Training materials are always readily available for reuse or modification by club members.

Seamless Club Communications

ClubSportal’s messaging system makes club-wide communication a snap. You can quickly create personalized distribution lists and send messages to one or more members with everything from individualized training plans to multimedia content. Members can store what they receive in their personal mailboxes.

Club Social Network

Create in minutes a powerful social network among all club members. Share ideas and experiences to build a vibrant community and strengthen your club.